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Magnetic fields

Magnetic fields

Interview with Laurent Cantin, International Customer Service Director, Patek Philippe

Timepieces are exposed daily to magnetic fields, magnetism being omnipresent in our day to day environment. Steel components of the mechanism are particularly sensitive and their functioning can be disrupted by it.

Kindly find below a list of common devices emitting magnetic fields:

  • mobile phones
  • Tablet PC's
  • audio and video systems
  • Microwaves
  • Hair dryers
  • TV's
  • refrigerator doors
  • magnetic closures of handbags, purses,...
  • ...

The influence of magnetic fields can have three main effects on the watch depending on its intensity:

  • the watch is temporarily fast when the magnetic field is of low intensity
  • a magnetic field of medium intensity magnetizes mechanism components and effects the interaction between them. The effect will remain until the watch is demagnetized.
  • The watch has stopped due to a magnetic field too intense.

Whatever intensity of magnetism the timepiece is exposed to, the regulation and amplitude of the movement will return to normal after demagnetizing it. This intervention has no consequence on the timepiece but it must be completed by an Authorized Service Center.