New Technologies

New technology: Inventing the future

Patek Philippe has always placed great emphasis on the development of new mechanisms, technologies and manufacturing processes in the search for new materials and the quest for new ideas and visions.

Therefore, independent to the development of new mechanisms, Patek Philippe has established a special division that focuses exclusively on new technologies and materials. This division, called “Nouvelle Technologie” (New Technology) closely cooperates with external research institutions, development laboratories, and training institutes.

As with all of its other innovations, Patek Philippe is harnessing the new silicon technology with the aim of crafting even better, more precise and more reliable watches. Patek Philippe has presented two revolutionary developments over the last 2 years within the new and unique “Patek Philippe Advanced Research“ concept:

  • The silicon escape wheel for a Swiss lever escapement, that is lightweight, hard, anti-magnetic, highly corrosion-resistant, true to shape than any steel wheel, and above all, its locking tooth faces never need to be lubricated. The limited special version of the Annual Calendar Ref. 5250 presented in 2005 was the first Patek Philippe watch with silicon-based technology.
  • The Spiromax® balance spring made of a silicon-based material, a patented invention that improves the isochronism of mechanical watches. A second limited edition of the Annual Calendar Ref. 5350 has been presented in 2006, this time with the Spiromax® balance spring in Silinvar™.