Patek Philippe Magazine
The Patek Philippe International Magazine

The award-winning Patek Philippe Magazine, launched in 1996 exclusively for the owners of Patek Philippe watches, expresses a unique philosophy. The publication is designed to feature all aspects of excellence with outstanding images and eloquent stories. It presents the timepieces and showcases the watchmaking prowess of the company, accented with a multitude of cultural themes as well as reflections on extraordinary lifestyles and trends. The Patek Philippe Magazine is a standing invitation to explore beauty and timelessness. It is published twice a year (Spring and Autumn) and is available in eight languages.

As a Patek Philippe watch owner you are entitled to subscribe to the Patek Philippe International Magazine. To register for a free subscription, fill in the form by providing your watch registration numbers (movement, case and reference) as indicated on your Certificate of Origin as well as your personal details.