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Our Retailer Difference

Official retailer reassurance

Only new Patek Philippe watches purchased from officially Authorized Retailers with validated original documents, can be considered under the terms of our Manufacturer's Guarantee.

If you purchase a new timepiece from an non-authorized source, your watch guarantee will not be properly validated, and your watch will therefore not be covered by our Manufacturer's Guarantee.

Our retailer difference

For generations, Patek Philippe has experienced very close relationships with its Authorized Retailers, many of which have been in business for over 150 years.

The 460 points of sale where the brand is represented in over seventy countries are hand-picked and must comply with very stringent standards as regards customer service, horological expertise, and showroom atmosphere.

Only those that meet these standards are allowed to sell these precious watches. They discreetly display the Patek Philippe logo to assure clientele that their sales associates have been trained to provide personalized, expert advice.

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