The watch
The Watch

The production of a Patek Philippe timepiece surpasses all conventional standards. Every single detail is taken into consideration to achieve the best conceivable result with respect to quality, beauty, rate accuracy, and reliability. All the elements of a timepiece – including the movement, the inside and outside of the case, the dial, push pieces, and crowns, etc. – must be crafted to perfection and immaculately finished.

True to all horological skills and abilities accrued by Patek Philippe, the watches are developed, produced, and completed in compliance with the best principles of traditional watchmaking prowess.

The appearance of all watch components is systematically assessed throughout the entire manufacturing process. Finished watches are subject to 100% scrutiny.

In the course of various levels of completion, the rate accuracy of Patek Philippe watches is tested in both raw and fully cased movements. The final check of rate accuracy is performed with kinetic simulators and the results must be in line with the following Patek Philippe precision benchmarks:

  • For calibers with diameters of 20 mm or more, the rate accuracy must lie within the range of -3 and +2 seconds per 24 hours.
  • For calibers with diameters of less than 20 mm, the rate accuracy must lie within the range of -5 and +4 seconds per 24 hours.

The sound of all minute repeaters is tested with acoustic instrumentation and then must be approved by Philippe Stern and or Thierry Stern. The acoustic signatures of all watches have been archived since 2003.

Regardless of the intensity of deburring and polishing operations, the form and aspect of all parts (movement and exterior elements) must be preserved. Every finished case and bracelet, no matter how complex its geometry or which finishing methods are applied, must reflect the underlying design template. Sharp edges will not be tolerated.

The finished watches shall be as thin as possible under consideration of all measures implemented to optimize their technical performance and their energy efficiency.