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User recommendations and care

User recommendations and care

In order to preserve watch characteristics in the long-term, we recommend users to:

  • Carefully read the user guide and follow the maintenance instructions
  • Have watch water-resistance checked by an authorised watchmaker once a year or each time the watch is opened
  • For manual winding watches, wind the watch once a day, preferably in the morning
  • Ensure the watch bracelet is suitable for the anticipated use and that it is correctly adjusted to wrist size at the time of purchase
  • Avoid wetting a crocodile strap or prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Avoid subjecting the watch to extreme temperature variations
  • Avoid all watch impacts and shocks (have water-resistance checked after a severe shock)
  • Avoid wearing the watch during activities that may generate strong and repeated vibrations
  • Avoid wearing a jewel on the same wrist as the watch
  • Avoid exposing mechanical watches to magnetic fields as this may disturb watch settings
  • Not use control functions, pushers or the time setting crown under water or out of water if the watch is not dry
  • Ensure the time setting crown and pushers are in place and screwed in after each manipulation
  • Rinse the watch in fresh water after use in salt water or a swimming pool