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On-going training for both internal and external qualified Patek Philippe watchmakers is carried out at the Patek Philippe workshops in Geneva. It is mandatory for all qualified watchmakers in our worldwide Authorised Service Centres network to do this training.

Customer Service constitutes one of Patek Philippe’s fundamental values. In order to sustain and improve the brand’s high quality standards, it is compulsory for the approximately two hundred Patek Philippe watchmakers worldwide to regularly complete technical training courses of several weeks duration at the manufacture. Only those authorised Patek Philippe watchmakers having completed the required training courses are entitled to work on our precious timekeepers.

Training courses have the objective of teaching the technical specificities of our watch models, explaining the quality criteria linked to the Patek Philippe Seal, ensuring refresher courses on all product evolutions and offering watchmaking initiation training courses to newcomers in the watchmaking industry.

Approximately two hundred people are trained on one of the four different technical levels each year: Quick Service, Level 2, Level 3 and Advanced level. Watchmakers having carried out a training course must work for a period of thirty-six months before enrolling in a training course of a higher level.

Other training courses are also offered, according to needs, in order to train Service Centre watch staff on technical modifications and improvements to products as well as new products recently launched on the market.

To maintain high quality repair standards throughout our Authorised Service centre network, all watchmakers who have not completed a training course within a four-year period are required to do a refresher course.

Patek Philippe is also dedicated to perpetrating watchmaking know-how, thanks to partnerships with Swiss and worldwide watchmaking schools that recruit the most promising watchmakers. Therefore, our internal training centres enable us to perpetuate the most exceptional craftsmanship.