The Patek Philippe Seal. It embodies the values and standards of our family watch company.

Patek Philippe has created a new quality benchmark for its mechanical timepieces: the Patek Philippe Seal. This new emblem of horological excellence goes beyond any existing standards of the Swiss watch industry. Uniquely, the Patek Philippe Seal applies to the completely assembled watch as delivered to its owner. In conjunction with these standards, the Seal represents a commitment to lifelong servicing and restoration for all timepieces created by us since 1839.

By integrating knowledge, innovation and technical developments, the Patek Philippe Seal guarantees the enduring quality of our timepieces.

As a family-owned company, we are the only guardians of this quality. The Patek Philippe Seal is further evidence that we will never compromise the integrity of our watches. We value the support and trust of our clients and therefore, with this Seal, we ensure that our watches continue to be appreciated and enjoyed for generations to come.

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The Patek Philippe Seal: symbol of a world in which the exceptional becomes the rule.

Patek Philippe not only consummately masters all horological challenges, it is also unanimously appreciated for the exceptional quality and reliability of its timekeeping instruments. The company is a complete, vertically integrated manufacture that develops and produces its movements, cases, and most key exterior elements in-house. As an independent, privately owned business, Patek Philippe has always defined its own quality criteria, recognized by the entire watchmaking community as the strictest ever compiled.

To communicate these rigorous criteria and guarantee that they are respected, Patek Philippe has created a proprietary seal of quality.

The Patek Philippe Seal is a comprehensive emblem of excellence that applies to the completed and fully cased watch. It covers the movement, the case, the dial, the hands, the pushers and buttons, the straps and bracelets, the buckles and clasps, as well as all other components that contribute to the accuracy and aesthetic appeal of the watches. It takes technical, functional, and design-related aspects into account and also covers the visual appearance of the watch, its rate accuracy and dependability, as well as the quality of the customer service to which its owner is entitled. It encompasses the entire know-how and the unique facets that govern the development, production and long-term maintenance of an exceptional timepiece.