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Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

Every Patek Philippe comes with a Certificate of Origin. This certificate is like the watch's birth certificate, it shows the full details pertaining to your watch. The certificate also serves as your guarantee and also means that your watch is registered in our archives as every Patek Philippe watch has its own serial numbers recorded in the firm’s archive registers. The Certificate is unique and must be kept safely. No duplicate will be issued if lost.

For the guarantee to be valid, the certificate must be properly filled out, dated and stamped by an Authorized Patek Philippe retailer. The Certificate of Origin is only valid if the watch was sold by an Authorized Patek Philippe retailer.

Our Guarantee

The Patek Philippe guarantee is based on the following terms and conditions:
A Patek Philippe watch is guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase specified on the Certificate of Origin. The guarantee is valid only for timepieces accompanied by a signed, dated and stamped Certificate of Origin delivered by an Authorized Patek Philippe retailer from whom the watch was purchased. The guarantee will be considered void if the Certificate of Origin is incomplete or has been modified or altered in any way.
The guarantee covers all manufacturing faults and material defects as confirmed by an Authorized Patek Philippe Service Center only. Any claim under the terms of the guarantee must be made via one of our worldwide official Patek Philippe agents or officially Authorized Service Centers.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Normal 'wear and tear' and abuse such as dropping, hitting of the watch, exposure of a non water-resistant watch to wet conditions, etc
  • Leather straps
  • Batteries for quartz watches
  • Damage arising from servicing performed by a non-authorized Patek Philippe representative.

Any intervention carried out under the terms of this guarantee does not extend its validity or affect its conditions.