Baselworld 2017

Take a look at the exciting timepieces being unveiled to the press on March 22th 2017 at Baselworld. New models include a new perpetual calendar, a (...)


Новинки 2017

New collections at Baselworld 2017. Patek Philippe enriches its regular collection with a broad selection of debuts including a new perpetual calendar (...)


Aquanaut Travel Time Ref. 5650G

Patek Philippe Advanced Research opens up a further chapter with the launch of two important innovations in the field of horological design. One of (...)


A glance behind the Christmas show windows

The design of the 2016 Christmas show windows for the Patek Philippe Salons pays homage to two Swiss traditions: folk art painting with vigorously (...)


Официальная биография в изложении Николаса Фоул...

Представляем новое издание «Patek Philippe – официальная биография в изложении Николаса Фоулкеса». От первых начинаний основателей (...)


20-летняя годовщина издания Patek Philippe

20-летняя годовщина издания Patek Philippe (...)