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Dome table clock in cloisonné enamel.

Motifs inspired by ancient Persian porcelain, colors borrowed from Indian culture: two of the most brilliant Eastern civilizations unite on this unique piece in Grand Feu cloisonné enamel.

To trace the outlines of its decor of interlacing arabesques, scrolls and flowers, the enameler used 10.35 m of gold wire (20.7 g) measuring 0.2 x 0.6 mm in cross-section. He then filled in the cells, working with transparent, opaque and opalescent enamels in 33 colors to achieve the refined hues that distinguish this decoration. Each enameled panel called for between 8 and 10 firings at temperatures ranging from 880°C to 920°C. An hour circle adorned with black-enameled Breguet numerals frames a dial center embellished with a stylized flower beneath the leaf-shaped hands.

This piece is powered by the caliber 17’’’ PEND mechanical movement rewound by an electric motor.



17''' PEND


17''' PEND

Overall diameter: 38.65 mm. Height: 3.8 mm. Bridges: 8. Jewels: 20. Power reserve: 50 h max. Balance: Plain with screws. Frequency: 18 000 semi-oscillations per hour (2.5 Hz). Spiral: Breguet. Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal.

Savoir faire

Rare Handcrafts
The enameler’s techniques

The enameler uses one of four traditional techniques, or perhaps a combination; but rare is she – in the watchmaking world, most enamelers are women – who masters them all.

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