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Manual winding

Table clock with flinqué enamel. As a tribute to the hour circle on dials, Patek Philippe has created a new type of table clock with circles and rounds that displays the time from above in a very unique way. The inimitable design is accentuated with small round feet that emulate the shape of the case. The case itself is decorated with flinqué enamel, reflecting traditional craftsmanship, featuring guilloched patterns (barleycorn on the flanks and undulated sunburst on the dial) covered with transparent enamel. The result: beautifully orchestrated reliefs and dancing lights in golden yellow hues. Dial: 53.33 mm. 2017.

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Manual winding

Manual winding

Overall diameter: 38.65 mm. Height: 3.8 mm. Bridges: 8. Jewels: 20. Power reserve: 50 h max.. Balance: Plain with screws. Frequency: 18 000 semi-oscillations per hour (2.5 Hz). Spiral: Breguet. Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal.


Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography by Nicholas Foulkes

Drawing on exclusive interviews with its owners and with workers and watchmakers past and present as well as on hitherto unseen documents from the company’s archives, Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography celebrates the history of a unique company. Nicholas Foulkes traces the Patek Philippe history from founder Antoine Norbert de Patek’s early life in Poland as a young cavalry officer fighting in a doomed uprising. Foulkes recounts his exile, his life in Geneva. His meeting with gifted watchmaker Adrien Philippe and the 1932 purchase by the Stern family who over four generations have turned it into the legend that it is today. (...)

Savoir faire

Rare Handcrafts
The enameler’s techniques

The enameler uses one of four traditional techniques, or perhaps a combination; but rare is she – in the watchmaking world, most enamelers are women – who masters them all.

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