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Manual winding

Twenty~4® Haute Joaillerie wristwatch. Dial and bracelet in white gold paved with baguette diamonds, placed according to the complex “invisible setting” technique. Against this background, strands of brilliant-cut diamonds interlace with baguette-cut rubies. Diamonds are set into every link of the bracelet, preserving a perfect encircling motif around the wrist. White gold folding clasp set with diamonds. Precious stones in total: 623 baguette diamonds (~27.48ct); 1,086 brilliant-cut diamonds (~3.572ct); 123 baguette-cut rubies (~10.63ct). Caliber 16-250. Manual winding movement. Sapphire crystal caseback. Unique piece. 2015.



Manual winding

Patek Philippe Caliber 16-250 - Front
Front Back

Manual winding

Height: 2.5 mm. Bridges: 4. Jewels: 18. Balance: annulaire. Vibrations/hour: 28 800 (4 Hz). Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal.

Savoir faire

Attention to details

Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds – all gems must comply to the Patek Philippe Seal’s strict criteria and be the very best of their kind. In terms of diamonds, only the top D to G color range is acceptable. Diamonds must be of the internally flawless (IF) grade and cut must correspond to the international grades “excellent” to “very good.” Patek Philippe gems are always set by hand, and never bonded with adhesive. Rows of gems must be level and pointing in the same direction. The setter always considers the shape and particular character of each gem in order to bring out its radiant beauty, however gems are to be set, whether in a traditional pattern, randomly (simulating, perhaps, a starry sky) or as baguettes standing as numerals.

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