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Calatrava wristwatch with dial in wood marquetry.

A portrait of a European Goldfinch perched on a branch of a tree in flower adorns the dial of this limited edition displaying the rare and demanding technique of micromarquetry in wood.

To render all the details of the plumage, as well as of the branch, the petals and the pistils, the marquetry-maker cut out and assembled on the gold plate 161 tiny pieces of veneer and 250 inlays. To convey the richness of the bird’s coloring, with its bright red face framed in black and white, and give the scene its remarkable realism, he worked with the colors, textures and veining of 30 species of wood, including maple, eucalyptus, ash burl, amboyna burl, holly, laurel burl, myrtle burl, walnut, poplar, pear and tulip.

The white-gold case is endowed with a sapphire-crystal back protected by a hinged dust cover, affording a private view of the caliber 240 ultra-thin self-winding movement.




Patek Philippe Caliber 240 - Front
Front Back


Diameter: 27.5 mm. Height: 2.53 mm. Parts: 161. Bridges: 6. Jewels: 27. Power reserve: Min. 48 hours. 22K gold off-center mini-rotor. Balance: Gyromax®. Vibrations/hour: 21 600 (3 Hz). Balance spring: Spiromax®. Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal. Patent: CH 595 653.

Savoir faire

Rare Handcrafts
The marquetry-maker

A miniaturist marquetry-maker is particularly deft, methodical, painstaking, and precise; he reads in the grain of the wood exactly what he will do with each tiny shape cut from that original leaf-thin veneer

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