- Rare Handcrafts
Manual winding

Minute repeater tourbillon wristwatch with dial in Grand Feu cloisonné enamel.

The eagle, king of birds and symbol of power, deploys all its majesty on the dials of these Grand Complications in white gold, produced as a limited edition.

To trace the outlines of these raptors in full flight and combat, the enameler used some 50 cm of gold wire measuring 0.05 x 0.35 mm in cross-section. Reproducing every nuance of their plumage and background of sky and clouds called for a palette of opaque, transparent and opalescent enamels in 20 to 25 colors. Each dial required between 15 and 18 firings at a temperature of more than 800°C.

Within these jewels of rare handcraftsmanship beats the caliber R TO 27 manually wound movement of 336 parts, uniting a minute repeater (chiming the hour, the quarters and the minutes on demand) and a tourbillon. This precious mechanism may be admired through a sapphire-crystal case back. The watches also come with an interchangeable back in solid white gold.



R TO 27
Manual winding

Patek Philippe Caliber R TO 27 - Front
Front Back

R TO 27
Manual winding

Minute repeater with classic gongs. Tourbillon. Third wheel in gold. Flywheel. Diameter: 28 mm. Height: 6.58 mm. Parts: 336 parts. Bridges: 12. Jewels: 28. Power reserve: Min. 40 hours - max. 48 hours. Balance: Gyromax®. Vibrations/hour: 21 600 (3 Hz). Spiral: Breguet. Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal.

Savoir faire

Rare Handcrafts
The enameler’s techniques

The enameler uses one of four traditional techniques, or perhaps a combination; but rare is she – in the watchmaking world, most enamelers are women – who masters them all.

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