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Manual winding

Pocket watch with wood marquetry and hand-engraving.

A painting by the French geologist and Alpine specialist Jacques Debelmas inspired the dial of this unique piece in wood marquetry depicting Lac d’Emosson in the Swiss canton of Valais.

To render all the details of mountains, rocks, snow, water and vegetation, with their play of light and shade, the marquetry-maker cut out, assembled and fixed to the gold plate 155 pieces and 40 tiny inlays, taken from 22 different woods. The bezel, the hands, the bow and the border of the case back are hand-engraved in a pattern representing mountaineering rope, a decoration that required more than one hundred hours of engraving. The dial, in white enamel over yellow gold, is adorned with yellow-gold applied Breguet numerals. An aquamarine cabochon (0.35 ct) decorates the crown.

This pocket watch is accompanied by a handcrafted yellow-gold stand resting on a foot set with an aquamarine cabochon (0.35 ct), on a greyveined white marble base.

It houses the caliber 17’’’ LEP PS manually wound movement with small seconds.



17''' LEP PS
Manual winding

Patek Philippe Caliber 17''' LEP PS - Front
Front Back

17''' LEP PS
Manual winding

Overall diameter: 38.65 mm. Height: 3.8 mm. Number of parts: 137. Bridges: 7. Jewels: 18. Power-reserve: Min. 50 hours. Balance: Plain with screws. Frequency: 18 000 semi-oscillations per hour (2.5 Hz). Balance spring: Breguet.

Savoir faire

Rare Handcrafts
The engraver

The engraver’s first tool is...the pencil. Of course, we instinctively think of the burin (or graver as it’s also known), or one of the array of burins placed close at hand; any observer at the workbench is struck by their number and variety. The burin is an almost natural extension of this artist’s hand, as a fountain pen is for a writer. Pointed, squared, or rounded, but always sharpened, this tool penetrates the material to gouge out tiny quantities, tracing a line or curve with a furrow of varying depth.

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