Craftsmanship and Precision / Competition 2018

The Patek Philippe Craftsmanship and Precision Competition: The Genevan manufacture celebrates the ninth edition of its watch talent competition

On April 19 and 20, 2018, 18 students from six Swiss watchmaking schools participated in the ninth Patek Philippe Craftsmanship and Precision Competition (Concours Bienfacture et Précision).

The prizes were awarded at the Patek Philippe Museum on Saturday, May 26, 2018. The ceremony took place in the presence of Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern, jury chairman Carlos Dos Santos, Human Resources Director Daniel Rochat, Watchmaking Division Director Laurent Moles, and Training Center Director Jérémy Annen.

The ninth edition of this competition reaffirms Patek Philippe’s commitment to its partnerships with the six Swiss watchmaking schools. It is based on an initiative that dates back to November 2008.

The objectives are to intensify the relations between the manufacture and the watchmaking schools, to contribute to the training of future professionals, and to hand down the heritage and know-how of Patek Philippe in the fields of precision adjustment and precision timekeeping.

Opportunities for young talent

As its name implies, the competition is aligned with Patek Philippe's fundamental values: craftsmanship and precision. These values reflect the operating principles and the concept of quality applied in the manufacture and mandated by the directives of the Patek Philippe Seal.

The competition motivates the students to achieve their training goals and provides an objective evaluation of their professional aptitude. It creates equal conditions for all participants.

As was the case in earlier years, the intention of the competition is to make trainees aware of the significance of artisanal skills and to identify the most promising and talented individuals. The term artisanal skills refers to dependability and precision in manual finishing and timing processes.

The pedagogical goal of the competition is supported by the invaluable know-how and expertise of members of the manufacture’s staff. It gives the participants a rare opportunity to work with a mechanical movement that complies with the extremely strict directives of the Patek Philippe Seal. The trainees are offered a glimpse into the exclusive realm of haute horlogerie.

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