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The Gondolo / Episode 23

This episode traces the extraordinary heritage of the Gondolo; from its Brazilian origins in the late 1800s right through to today’s Art Deco-inspired collection.

The men’s and ladies Gondolo collections of today reflect the diverse shapes from that time in the Manufacture’s history.
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Artistry without Limit / Episode 22

Since 1839, Patek Philippe has been committed to preserving traditional skills gathered under the denomination "Rare Handcrafts", which have long served in the detailed and refined decoration of timepieces.

Among those, micro-marquetry is the art of crafting a dial or case decorations from numerous types of wood, each with its unique shade and exquisite detail. Each creation can indeed be called one of a kind.
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A Passion for Chronographs / Episode 21

Perhaps the most classic of complications, and one of the most appreciated by aficionados, the chronograph function is an additional mechanism within a mechanical watch that allows the measurement of elapsed time.

The function uses the seconds hand that can be independently started, stopped, and reset without impacting the indication of the current time. Classic manually-wound Chronographs have always held a pivotal role in the collection of Patek Philippe complications.


Watch Art Grand Exhibition / Episode 20

The Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition was held in Singapore – for the very first time - at the Marina Bay Sands Theater, from September 28 to October 13, 2019.

Taking place during the Singapore Bicentennial year and demonstrating the importance of Singapore and Southeast Asia to Patek Philippe, the Manufacture offered rich insight into its 180-year history and heritage in the field of Haute Horlogerie.


Celebrating Generations / Episode 19

“You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”

It is over 20 years since Patek Philippe launched the “Generations” marketing campaign and line that, in time, would become legendary not just for its positive impact on the company, but for its timeless appeal and longevity.

This episode explores the history and origins of the campaign and introduces the latest campaign edition.


Weekly Calendar / Episode 18

In 2019, Patek Philippe proudly introduces a new function for calendar watches: the weekly calendar.

The new stainless steel Calatrava Weekly Calendar Ref. 5212A with a semi-integrated mechanism displays the current week number, in addition to the day and date. A complication that is decidedly practical in a globalized world.


Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography / Episode 17

We are delighted to announce the launch of new, international editions of Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography.

This in-depth, exclusive story of our company as told by the acclaimed author Nicholas Foulkes is now available in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese as well as English.


Twenty~4 20 years of Timeless design / Episode 16

At the turn of the century, Patek Philippe introduced the Twenty~4, a diamond set steel timepiece created to suit every moment in the life of a modern and stylish woman.

Twenty years later, the collection is one of the Manufacture's most iconic; an expression of contemporary elegance and timeless design.


The Art of Gemsetting / Episode 15

Gemsetting is one of the oldest specialist techniques used to decorate timepieces.

Immerse yourself in the art of precious stone-setting - where watchmaking meets 'Haute Joaillerie' - a historic and glorious craft that Patek Philippe has been committed to preserving since 1839.


Alarm Travel Time / Episode 14

It was six years ago that the Manufacture undertook a new mechanical challenge: combining a Travel Time function with a newly developed alarm movement.

Now, in 2019, Patek Philippe asserts its leadership in innovation with the introduction of a new grand complication, the Alarm Travel Time pilot-style timepiece.


Symmetrical Time / Episode 13

Since 1839, Patek Philippe has been designing and manufacturing timepieces synonymous with reliability, accuracy and precision. In the late 17th and 18th century, pendulum clocks known as regulators, illustrious for their precision, served as reference timers in a watchmaker’s workshop.

The new rose gold reference 5235 Annual Calendar Regulator pays tribute to the early regulator clocks.


Calatrava Pure and Simple / Episode 12

The legendary Calatrava is one of the very purest representations of the Patek Philippe style. Created in 1932, the collection is recognized by many as the very essence of the round wristwatch, embodying both form and function.

As once stated by Honorary President, Philippe Stern: "When you seek the greatest simplicity and purity of line, you must avoid adding superfluous material".


Classic for Eternity / Episode 11

Can you imagine setting your watch just once a century?

The perpetual calendar, a complication which truly demonstrates the Manufacture’s pursuit of capturing eternity, has been mastered by Patek Philippe since its foundation with the creation of the company’s first perpetual calendar pocket watch in 1864 and the world's first perpetual calendar wristwatch in 1925.


Sky on the wrist / Episode 10

"Challenge is second nature to Patek Philippe", once said Honorary President, Philippe Stern.

This episode reads the tale of decades of astronomical research, defying technological limits in the pursuit of bringing the sky to your wrist.


The Human Touch / Episode 9

Maintaining the beauty and precision of a Patek Philippe timepiece requires extremely accurate and meticulous hand-finishing techniques. Each watch produced includes the recognized Patek Philippe Seal of excellence, guaranteeing the longevity and superior quality associated with Patek Philippe watches.

The Seal sets Patek Philippe apart from others and is reflective of the manufacture's long-standing commitment to producing watches which are worn and then passed down to future generations.


Twenty~4 Automatic / Episode 8

For two decades, the Twenty~4 timepieces have accompanied the active modern women in their everyday lives. A new chapter for this prestigious collection is about to unfold with the introduction of five self-winding mechanical ladies’ watches.

Blending timeless elegance and technical expertise, the Twenty~4 Automatic features, for the first-time, a round case.


Golden Ellipse / Episode 7

Having successfully navigated five decades of changing fashion trends, the iconic Golden Ellipse celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018.

This month's episode explores the fascinating legacy of this iconic timepiece.


World Time, The remarkable journey / Episode 6

In 1884, the International Meridian Conference adopted universal time and the world was officially divided into 24 time zones. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) became the principle meridian. Ever since, the watchmakers’ challenge has been to display multiple time zones on just one dial.

This month's episode invites you to uncover the origins of the horological complication, right up to the manufacture's remarkable innovations of today.


The origins of the company / Episode 5

At the start of the 19th century, Switzerland was challenging the United Kingdom for its watchmaking supremacy.

It was at this time that the Patek Philippe story began. You are invited to embark on a historical journey of the company and its founders.


Aquanaut, 20 years of casual chic / Episode 4

A contemporary interpretation of the Patek Philippe legacy, the Aquanaut was envisioned as a modern timepiece for the younger generation.

Since its launch it has inspired a new clientele, attracted to its unique combination of casual elegance and sporting aesthetics.


The legendary Caliber 240 / Episode 3

In 1977, the watchmaking industry witnessed the genesis of the Caliber 240; the thinnest self-winding movement of its time.

Ever since its first tick, the movement has proven to be a timeless masterpiece; the beating heart of Patek Philippe’s most exquisite pieces.


Rare Handcrafts / Episode 2

Over nearly two centuries, Patek Philippe has celebrated rare handcrafts and ensured their preservation. The Stern family has continued this absolute commitment to commissioning work from gifted and uniquely talented artisans.

From engraving, to miniature enameling and marquetry, discover the artistic savoir-faire of Patek Philippe's skilled in-house craftsmen showcased at the 2018 Geneva Rare Handcrafts exhibition.


About Time / Episode 1

On the occasion of Baselworld 2018, Patek Philippe presents its first self-winding Travel Time for ladies: The Calatrava Pilot Travel Time.


Two Patek Philippe 2018 debuts as a sneak preview on Instagram

Patek Philippe is now on Instagram. Following up on the start of its totally new website in October 2017, the Genevan manufacture is opening up a new online communication channel with an official account on Instagram, the social media platform that attracts hundreds of millions of users from all over the world.

The objective is to share information and exclusive content not only with brand enthusiasts and connoisseurs of superb watchmaking artistry but also with future customer generations. To make available photos and videos that reflect its technical know-how and uniquely aesthetic design competence, Patek Philippe has decided to organize a rendezvous on every 18th day of a month at 18:39 Geneva time...a subtle reference to 1839 as the year in which the manufacture was founded.

The initial kickoff is on Sunday, March 18. For the very first time, Patek Philippe will unveil two of the year’s debut models prior to the official opening of Baselworld – exclusively on Instagram.

As every year, the remaining newcomers to the collection will be announced on March 21, the Press Day.

To be among the first to admire Patek Philippe’s 2018 premières, visit @patekphilippe on Instagram at 18:39 on March 18, 2018.

« Patek Philippe has decided to organize a rendezvous on every 18th day of a month at 18:39 Geneva time... »

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