Patek Philippe believes that true innovation does not allow for gimmicks

A true innovation is marked by its enduring longevity. Patek Philippe has been at the forefront of horological innovations for 180 years. In this time, the manufacture has developed some of the most important advances in watchmaking, innovations that define how we measure time today. All innovations developed and introduced are those which will endure, to ultimately be implemented across all timepieces and collections. At Patek Philippe true innovation, is only that which endures.

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Innovation is at the very heart of Patek Philippe. It demonstrates the imagination, ingenuity, and watchmaking skill of the manufacture, whilst allowing it to think differently. Because Patek Philippe is a family owned company, they can approach innovation in a distinctive way. It is never done so as a marketing gimmick, but instead, developed as a means to ensure long term functionality and technical advances that will last.


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