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Patek Philippe launches an advertising film based on its famous “Generations” campaign.

The Patek Philippe print advertising campaign that has been running for more than 15 years with suggestive slogan “Begin your own tradition” has established itself as an exemplary success story.  The strong emotional statements and the universal validity of the theme account for its enduring popularity as well as the strong affinity between the principles of Patek Philippe customers and the values upheld by the 4th generation family-owned watch company.

Today Patek Philippe launches a new advertising film that brings to life the “Generations” campaign concept that focuses on the emotion bond between a father and son. A sentiment that is valid for every father and every son in every culture.  The campaign imagery is underlined by a statement that emphasizes the timelessness and exclusivity of the brand:  “You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation.”

Inspired by the men’s print advertising, the film uses timeless black and white imagery and steals scenes from the most well known print campaign, and liked photographs such as “Homework” “Boat” “Hands” “Fishing” and “Going-out”.

The film will be supported globally in broadcast media and digital.

Patek Philippe launches new iterations of its famous print advertising campaign.

The long-running Patek Philippe advertising campaign which encourages clients to “Begin your own tradition” has established itself as an exemplary success story.

It is based on the insight that a man has a unique emotional attachment to his watch, often prompted by his father or grandfather handing it down; a feeling that resonates fully when embodied by the enduring qualities of Patek Philippe watches.

The campaign suggests that 'You never really own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.' To illustrate this, successions of the world’s most famous photographers have shown the strong emotional bond between father and son - two generations - sharing warm, intimate moments together.

The two new interpretations “Cooking”  and “Rowing” – continue the campaign theme.  The world renowned photographer Peggy Sirota choreographed the new images adding her very personal signature and elements of spontaneity.  This is the third time that Patek Philippe collaborated with Peggy Sirota; the first was in 1996 when the campaign debuted.

At the same time a new iteration of the Ladies campaign supporting the iconic Twenty~4® model is launched. The Ladies campaign draws a parallel between the timeless beauty and value of a Patek Philippe watch and the precious, pivotal relationships or moments that define a woman. It uses the statement: "Something truly precious holds its beauty forever."

Also photographed by Peggy Sirota, the Ladies execution entitled “Meeting Up” shows beautiful, stylish friends sharing a precious moment that is part of their everyday lives.

The new visuals will run worldwide from 1st March 2013.

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