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1. Earliest memories of minute repeaters What are your earliest memories regarding the delicate sounds produced by minute repeaters?
2. Favorite complication Is it fair to say the minute repeater is your favourite complication, and if so, why?
3. Current collection Of the models that you have in your current collection, how many of these feature minute repeaters?
4. Minute repeater collectors What do collectors recount most often when talking about Patek Philippe minute repeaters?
5. The pinnacle of horology? What do you think your father meant when he said, "in the mind of a collector, the minute repeater is the pinnacle of horology"?
6. Training and craftsmanship What training do the craftsmen within your minute repeater department receive, bearing in mind the level of detail their work entails?
7. Inspiration It has been said that creating chiming watches is more art than science. Where do you find your inspiration?
8. Family involvement In company documents it states that you, your father and your grandfather test the acoustics of every minute repeater that leaves the manufacture – is this really true?
9. Testing a minute repeater Can you explain what it is you are specifically listening out for when you test a minute repeater watch?
10. Timeless appeal In a world of advanced technology, what is it about minute repeaters that makes them so special today?
11. Smaller dimensions The dimensions of a ladies’ watch are generally smaller than men’s. Did you have to produce a new movement for this watch?
12. 20 years of commitment What was the driving force behind the manufacture keeping minute repeaters in regular production, despite the complication falling out of fashion?