Golden Ellipse 系列五十周年

Golden Ellipse系列诞生于 1968 年,如今已经成为百达翡丽最具标志性特点的时计之一。

探索这一标志性腕表系列五十年来的发展历程以及我们专为此次周年志庆打造的两款时计:一款限量版铂金腕表,搭配雕刻装饰的珐琅表盘;以及一款全新的特别版大尺寸 Golden Ellipse 玫瑰金腕表,搭配黑色表盘。


Patek Philippe 5738/50P-001 - 正面

Ref. 5738/50P-001

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of the legendary Golden Ellipse (1968) Patek Philippe pays tribute to the rare handcrafts in a limited edition of one hundred sets comprising a platinum timepiece and matching cuff links.。 The stunning dial is faced with a black Grand Feu enamel layer that reveals the volute patterns hand-engraved in the 18K gold dial plate.。 Its decoratively interlacing volute pattern perfectly matches the unmistakably bold form of the Golden Ellipse – half rectangle, half circle – emphasizing the width-to-length ratio of the famous golden section, the rule that underpins some of mankind’s greatest architectural and artistic works.。 The solid platinum back is engraved with the commemorative inscription “Ellipse d’Or 1968–2018”.。 A black onyx cabochon decorates the crown.。 White-gold cuff links repeat the Golden Ellipse design and the decor of black enamel and hand-engraved volute pattern.。


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