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Manual winding

Twenty~4® Haute Joaillerie. Fully paved with baguette, drop, and brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette-cut sapphires, all set into a graceful diamond butterfly pattern on a sapphire background. Case, dial, and bracelet set with 262 baguette diamonds (~ 15.74 cts), 34 drop diamonds (~ 1.62 cts), and 1,300 diamonds (~ 2.77 cts). Total: 1,596 diamonds (~ 20.13 cts) and 613 baguette sapphires (~ 22.36 cts). Rose gold. Caliber 16-250, manual winding movement. Sapphire crystal caseback. Water resistant to 30 m. Unique piece. 2011.



Manual winding

Patek Philippe Caliber 16-250 - Front
Front Back

Manual winding

Height: 2.5 mm. Bridges: 4. Jewels: 18. Balance: annulaire. Vibrations/hour: 28 800 (4 Hz). Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal.

Savoir faire

Attention to details

Any gem chosen for use in a Patek Philippe case or bracelet – diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald – will be the very finest of its kind, and comply with the Patek Philippe Seal’s strict criteria. At Patek Philippe, only the top D to G color range is used. The clarity of the diamonds is always of the desirable internally flawless grade (known as IF), and exhibits an immaculate cut. The precision of the cut is also vital in ensuring a regular and even setting. The task of the gemsetter is to place it perfectly, so that it shows to exquisite advantage and is of course secure. Patek Philippe gems are set in the time-honored way – by hand, never bonded with adhesive. The setter positions each precious stone in its mount, either in a bezel-setting where the gem is set by carefully folding in the metal collar (usually gold) that surrounds it, or in an invisible setting, where the gem has a groove on the underside that fits onto a hidden grid of rails. Gems must be placed level, pointing in the same direction and all at the same height, while ensuring an ultra-safe hold. Precision and regard for the shape and character of the gem is vital to bring out its beauty and achieve the brightest radiance and luster.

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