Chapter 1

The Patek Philippe Philosophy on Chiming Watches

Only An Enduring Family Passion Can Deliver The Purest Of Chimes

From 1839 to today, Patek Philippe has a long history and passion for chiming watches. The collection was crowned in 2020 when the manufacture delighted enthusiasts and collectors by releasing a wristwatch that features a highly coveted and extremely elaborate sound function: the Grande Sonnerie, Ref. 6301P.

The Stern family believe the purity of sound in Patek Philippe’s chiming watches should do more than mark time, they should contribute to the unique character of each watch. Having personally listened to every single chime over generations, they take great pride in ensuring that a Patek Philippe minute repeater or grande sonnerie will never sound like any other.

Introducing the Grande Sonnerie Ref. 6301P

Patek Philippe’s first wristwatch with a grande sonnerie in its purest manifestation

The Grand Complication that every connoisseur has been waiting for.

Patek Philippe reasserts its position as the grand master of chimes with the introduction of a truly exceptional timepiece, combining a grande sonnerie - rated as the holy grail of chiming functions in such pure form , a petite sonnerie, a minute repeater and a jumping subsidiary seconds. All elegantly housed in a platinum case with a grand feu black enamel dial.

The new, 703-part caliber GS 36-750 PS IRM features six complications, a strikework with three classic gongs and was granted three patents.

A New Chapter - The Patek Philippe Sound

The 1989 launch of the manufacture's first minute repeater movement developed and crafted entirely in-house, the caliber R27, created the platform for the return of modern repeater timepieces. Patek Philippe now present one of the most extensive minute repeater collections.

The presentation of the Grandmaster Chime in 2014, now followed by the new Ref. 6301P as part of the regular collection, the manufacture has started a new chapter that paves the way for new developments in the field of grande sonneries – much to the delight, aesthetically and acoustically, of all connoisseurs and aficionados who are passionate about chiming watches.

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