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In order to respect the official Covid-19 public health measures the Patek Philippe Museum has adjusted its conditions of access accordingly.

Wearing a mask is compulsory during your presence in the museum. Cloth face masks are not allowed, only disposable masks.

The access is currently limited to 100 people at the same time. Since April 20, public guided tours are available on Saturdays, as well as private guided tours by reservation (group of 15 people maximum). Audio guides are suspended until further notice.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding and we look forward to your visit.

The Management

Patek Philippe Museum

Philippe Stern’s passion for timepieces resulted in the opening in 2001 of a “Temple to watchmaking” : The Patek Philippe Museum. Located in an entirely restored Art Deco building in the area of Plainpalais in Geneva, the museum houses over five centuries of watchmaking history into two important collections: the extraordinary antique collection starting from the 16th century, which includes the earliest watch ever made and the Patek Philippe collection from 1839 onwards. The latter bears testament to more than 175 years of manufacturing the world's finest watches and includes the most complicated timepiece ever made, the Caliber 89. The Patek Philippe Museum is a logical and faithful conclusion to a true legacy of genius.

The Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva is considered one of the world's foremost horology museums. Patek Philippe honorary president Philippe Stern explains how the fantastic collection spanning more than 2000 exhibits originated. It includes portable mechanical timepieces from the 16th century until 1839, Patek Philippe timepieces from 1839 until today, as well as automata and enamel miniatures that promoted Geneva's reputation around the world. The museum also has a library with over 8000 publications on time and time measurement.

The Antiques Collection

The Antiques Collection
(16Th-19th century)

A fascinating presentation of Genevese, Swiss and European watches and enamels dating from the 16th to the early 19th century, including a great number of masterpieces that have left their mark on the history of horology.

The Patek Philippe Collection

The Patek Philippe Collection
(1839 - present)

An evocative showcase of watches designed and created by PATEK PHILIPPE since its foundation in 1839 up to the present day, testifying to more than 175 years of creativity in the production of pocket watches and wristwatches.

Guided tours

The Patek Philippe Museum organizes playful and educational tours which enable adults and/or children to discover ancestral expertise of watchmaking through the collections of the Museum.

Public guided tours

Every Saturday, the Patek Philippe Museum organizes public guided tour to let you discover its collection of watchmaking masterpieces dating from the 16th to the 20th century.

  • Tour in French starts at 2pm
  • Tour in English starts at 2.30pm

Private guided tours

Only by appointment – Tours are available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

A Legacy of Genius - 2h

The Patek Philippe Museum hosts an extraordinary collection of watchmaking masterpieces dating from the 16th to the 20th century. This tour highlights the historical significance of the art of watchmaking and enamelling.

Geneva at the Heart of Time - 3h (from May until October)

A cultural and didactic tour through the historic streets of Geneva in the era of cabinotiers, ending with a "discovery" visit of the Patek Philippe Museum.

Educational guided tours
(for primary schools only - 1 hour - minimum age: 7)

Enamel or the arts of fire

Discover enamel painting, a major art form significantly linked to the adornment of the watch, from its origins around 1630 to the creations of the 20th Century.

The time that is

Discover the Patek Philippe Museum’s extended collection of watches and objects dating from the 16th to the 20th century.

The World of Automata

Discover the magic of automata through watches and unusual animated objects.

Admission fees

Adults: CHF 10.00
Senior, disabled, unemployed, students aged 18-25: CHF 7.00
Groups >= 10: CHF 5.00
Children < 18: Free


Patek Philippe Museum

Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 7, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland.

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Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday 14h00 - 18h00
Saturday 10h00 - 18h00

Closed on following bank holidays:

Friday 24th to Monday 27th December, Monday 3rd to Friday 7th January 2022.