Measures taken to service your Patek Philippe watch at an authorized service center preserve the integrity of your heirloom for coming generations.

The cost is lower than typically assumed. The rates indicated below are the maximum end-user prices without taxes. They apply to full-scope maintenance interventions.

During a service procedure, seals and certain movement parts are systematically replaced. The following parts are replaced only if necessary:

  • Complete hand set
  • Crown
  • Mainspring barrel or electronic circuit (in quartz movements)

All other components shall be invoiced (dial, leather strap, crystal, etc.).

Maximum pre-tax rates for end customers

Prices in Swiss francs (CHF)

Services Prices in Swiss francs (CHF)
Battery change 130
Quartz (Level 2) 600
Mechanical, manually wound (Level 2) 900
Mechanical, self-winding (Level 2) 1'000
Complication I (Level 3) Annual Calendar, Travel Time, moon phases, etc. 1'300
Complication II (Advanced Level) perpetual calendar, chronograph, Annual Calendar chronograph 1'800
Complication III (Advanced Level) chronograph with perpetual calendar, retrograde perpetual calendar 2'300
Wall clock On request
Grand Complication (Advanced Level Geneva) tourbillon, split-seconds chronograph, retrograde, minute repeater, etc. On request
Classic watches (over 20 years old) On request
Objects On request
Customary payment terms apply

Declined estimate

Prices in Swiss francs (CHF)

Services Prices in Swiss francs (CHF) Prices in Swiss francs (CHF)
Modern watch Vintage watch
Wall clock 500 500
Simple movement 130 500
Movement with Complication (Annual or Perpetual Calendar, Travel Time, Moon Phase, Chronograph, Retrograde, etc.) 130 1'000
Movement with Grand Complication (Tourbillon, Split-seconds Chronograph, Minute Repeater, etc.) 1'000 1'000
Services Prices in Swiss francs (CHF)
Please note that service costs do not include case and bracelet overhauls that are performed only if explicitly requested by the customer.

Prices in Swiss francs (CHF)

Case or bracelet (separate) 350
Case and bracelet 500

Prices for the replacement of soft straps are indicated below.

Prices in Swiss francs (CHF)

Material / type
Alligator leather 450
Calfskin 280
Composite material 210
Synthetic fabric (satin) 200

Prices include:

  • Three available sizes (STD / L / S) except composite straps
  • Hand- or machine-sewn
  • With or without lining

Deviations from the above characteristics are subject to an extra charge of CHF 100.


The scope of a service intervention depends on the complexity of the timepiece. For current-collection watches (less than 20 years old) that are not damaged and only require standard servicing, Patek Philippe offers instant cost estimates. They are available within minutes at our salons and certain authorized points of sale. We can submit a detailed cost estimate within five business days after receipt of the watch.

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