1 - What information is contained in an Extract from the Archives?

The Extract from the Archives is a document which contains the information that we have been compiling and filing in archive journals since 1839 for all timepieces produced by our manufacture. The Extract from the Archives can be ordered for any Patek Philippe timepiece that is older than five years; it will provide a description of the watch on the date when it first left our workshops.

The document describes the timepiece type (wristwatch, pocket watch, table clock), the caliber, the movement number, the case number, the dial type, the bracelet or strap type, the date of completion, the date of sale, and – if applicable – supplementary information (such as an engraving executed by Patek Philippe). The Extract from the Archives is neither proof of authenticity nor a warranty document. We can only provide the information that is contained in our journals.

2 - What is the difference between an Extract from the Archives and a Certificate of Origin?

The Extract from the Archives is a document that lists the information recorded in our journals (see item 1).

Conversely, the Certificate of Origin is much like a "birth certificate" that contains all of the details needed to identify a timepiece. It also serves as a warranty certificate and confirms that the respective watch was registered in our archives. No copies of the Certificate of Origin exist, so the original document must be held in safekeeping. If it is lost, no copy will be available.

3 - Why do I have to provide photos of my watch?

We need them to verify the visual compliance of the timepiece with the description in our archive journals. The Extract from the Archives describes the watch in its original state. The objective is to make sure that your photos match the description in our journals.

We need at least four photos:

  • Full frontal view with the dial facing up (the bracelet or strap, if any, must be visible)
  • Dial close-up (clear view of hands, numerals, and the Patek Philippe logo)
  • Movement view showing the engraved movement number if it is visible through the display back (if the timepiece has a solid back, one photo of the back and one photo with the back removed; submit your watch to an authorized service center to have the back removed)
  • Case number, visible on the inside of the solid case back or on the inside of the metal ring that surrounds the sapphire-crystal display back

For pocket watches, we need the following additional photos:

  • View of the watch from the back
  • If it features engravings or painted decorations, they must be clearly visible (close-up views)

4 - What happens if the photos do not correspond with the description recorded in our archive journals?

Our archives make it possible to identify any Patek Philippe watch. The recorded descriptions allow us to make comparisons with the photos that you provide or that we may have been filed in our database. An Extract from the Archives can only be issued if all the details you provide correspond with the information we have on file (see also item 3). If the photos do not match the description in our archive journals, this means that the watch does not conform with our records. In such cases, we cannot issue an Extract from the Archives.

5 - Will the photos of my watch be filed and/or reused by Patek Philippe?

No, absolutely not. They merely allow us to issue an Extract from the Archives if we have full certainty (see item 3) and are not used for any other purposes. We do not save them in our database.

6 - Does Patek Philippe save and/or use my personal data for marketing or advertising purposes?

No. We only need your personal data for the purpose of sending you the Extract from the Archives. In particular, your data is not forwarded to the Register of Owners of Patek Philippe watches. (See items 11 and 12).

7 - Is a modification performed by Patek Philippe mentioned in the Extract from the Archives?

If a modification was performed by Patek Philippe and recorded in our journals, the Extract from the Archives will describe the state of the watch when it first left our ateliers and also the state of the watch after the modification was performed.

8 - Will a modification of my watch performed by a third party be mentioned in the Extract from the Archives?

Patek Philippe cannot take into consideration any modifications that were not performed in our workshops. In such cases, we cannot issue an Extract from the Archives either.

9 - Where can I find the movement and case numbers?

The case back of your timepiece must be removed to see the movement number. The movement number is engraved in the movement of your watch. The case number is engraved on the inside of the case back. The removal of the case back of a wristwatch or pocket watch should be performed only by an official dealer or distributor or an authorized service center.

10 - Which information is confidential / which questions are not answered by the Extract from the Archives?

Patek Philippe does not disclose information such as the name of the first owner, the names of buyers, sales prices, and the number of watches produced for any given model.

11 - How can I have myself registered as the owner of a Patek Philippe timepiece?

The Extracts Service cannot help you in this respect. For this purpose, please visit our website (Client Service > Owner Registration).

12 - What is the current resale value of my Patek Philippe timepiece?

Patek Philippe cannot provide information of this kind. We recommend that you contact an auction house or a dealer specialized in selling and buying older timepieces.

13 - What should I do if my watch was stolen?

The Extracts Service also deals with theft notifications.

Please send us a copy of the police report that you received after having reported the theft of your watch. This document is mandatory and must contain the movement and case numbers of your watch. We also need a copy of the Certificate of Origin and/or a sales receipt that mentions your name.

14 - What happens with my online payment if the Extract from the Archives cannot be issued?

If an Extract from the Archives cannot be issued, the amount of 150 Swiss Francs will be refunded on your credit card.

15 - Is there any right of recourse in case an Extract from the Archives was not issued?

The Extracts Service is the sole entity entitled to issue or deny an Extract from the Archives.

16 - I recieved an error connecting to Patek Philippe's payment service at the start when ordering an archive.

You connection test to our payment services failed, is due to your security or firewall settings. Please contact your local IT support and ensure the following domains are whitelisted for both POST and GET requests:

  • https://vnut8bbpgh.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/prod/payinit
  • https://www.saferpay.com/*

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