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Please Follow Patek Philippe WeChat Official Account

Patek Philippe expand its online presence by launching an official WeChat account on 19th September, 2020! This will be Patek Phillipe’s second official social media platform after launching an official Instagram account in March 2018.

WeChat is an important social media platform in China and often draws a global audience. Patek Philippe hopes to offer a unique and rich brand content experience in the Chinese market by sharing the latest information with watch enthusiasts and Patek Philippe fans. Patek Philippe's WeChat official account will release weekly posts of content about the brand and its collections that was published in its Instagram platform.

The newly-launched WeChat official account is embedded with two WeChat mini programs, "Patek Philippe Collection Query” and "Exclusive Service", making it easier for customers and brand enthusiasts to search products, Patek Philippe Maisons, and Authorized Service Centers with a better experience.

The first to view Patek Philippe’s collections and experience exclusive services, please visit Patek Philippe's WeChat official account.

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