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Ref. 5520 Alarm Travel Time

Chapter 1: Discover the Ref. 5520

Begin your discovery of the Patek Philippe Ref. 5520 Alarm Travel Time, a self-winding grand complication that combines the exclusive two-zone Travel Time system with an innovative mechanical alarm feature.

This travel watch par excellence possesses a fully integrated movement as the result of a 5-year development period.

In this first TechNews section, you will discover the operating elements and displays that make this timepiece a role model of legibility, functionality, and user friendliness.

Ref. 5520 Alarm Travel Time

Chapter 2: The Travel Time Mechanism

Immerse yourself in the Ref. 5520 Alarm Travel Time, a Patek Philippe grand complication that opens up totally new technical horizons.

This Patek Philippe TechNews video accompanies you as you explore the exclusive Travel Time mechanism that displays a second time zone. With two pushers, it is very easy and convenient to operate and has an ingenious system that prevents incorrect manipulation. This is further proof of Patek Philippe’s customer-centric development philosophy.

Ref. 5520 Alarm Travel Time

Chapter 3: The Alarm Mechanism

With the detailed explanations and technical animations of the Patek Philippe TechNews video, you can discover the alarm mechanism of the self-winding Ref. 5520 Alarm Travel Time grand complication.

Learn more about programming the 24-hour alarm, the systems that protect the movement against damage in the event of incorrect manipulation, and the hammer that strikes a classic fine-tuned gong. The sound quality is worthy of a minute repeater.

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