992/139J - Редкие ремесла
Ручной завод

Celebrating the beauty of the Swiss Alps, this unique piece in yellow gold depicts two roped climbers heading for the snowy peaks. To give this little mountain scene its detail and finesse, the marquetrymaker cut out and assembled 222 pieces of veneer (including 32 for the Alpinists alone) and 40 inlays, chosen from 27 woods of different textures, veining and colors. The bezel, the hands, the bow and the border of the case back are hand-engraved in a pattern resembling mountaineering rope, a decoration that required more than one hundred hours of engraving. The dial, in white enamel over yellow gold, is adorned with yellow-gold applied Breguet numerals. A sky blue sapphire cabochon (0.37 ct). This pocket watch is accompanied by a yellow-gold chain embellished with a handcrafted pendant bearing a compass motif. It houses the caliber 17’’’ LEP PS manually wound movement with small seconds.

Unique piece. Wood marquetry. 222 pieces of veneer (32 for the alpinists). 40 inlays chosen from 27 woods of different texture, veining and colors. Hand-engraving: bezel, hands, bow and border of the case (more than 100 hours). Yellow gold, enameled in white. Yellow-gold applied Breguet numerals. Yellow-gold hand-engraved leaf-shaped hands. Diameter: 44.1 mm. Height: 9.15 mm. Yellow gold. Crown set with a sky blue sapphire cabochon (0.37 ct). Yellow-gold. Handcrafted pendant bearing a compass motif.


17''' LEP PS
Ручной завод

Диаметр: 38,65 мм. Высота: 3,8 мм. Количество деталей: 137. Количество мостов: 7. Количество камней: 18. Запас хода: от 50 часов. Винтовой баланс. Частота: 18 000 полуколебаний/час (2,5 Гц). Спираль баланса: спираль Бреге.