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“Rare Handcrafts 2020” Exhibition, from November 4 to 14, at the Patek Philippe Salons in Geneva

The Patek Philippe Salons in Geneva invite you to discover the richest collection of rare handcrafts timepieces ever presented there.

More than 70 one-of-a-kind pieces and limited editions

This exhibition is the only opportunity to admire over 70 unique pieces and limited editions – pocket watches, wristwatches, and dome table clocks – before they are delivered to private collections around the world.

Further information

Opening hours: November 4 to 14, 2020, from 11 am to 6 pm daily except Sundays

Location: Patek Philippe salons, rue du Rhône 41, 1204 Geneva / Show on map

Please register online

Due to the current sanitary situation, you are requested to preregister with the form module below.

You will need to select your preferred time slot. Please arrive on time so that you can fully enjoy the exhibition.

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